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Over 2,300 songs with names in them. Songs with girls names in the title or lyrics, songs with women’s names alphabetical. Most popular female names in songs.

While most of these are songs named after a woman, with over 2,300 songs in our complete list, the song title may or may not include her name; some songs have her name in the lyrics only, but still the song is about her!

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Complete List of songs with girls names. Over 2,300 songs with female names in lyrics or title, listing songs with women's names alphabetical, then by song title Song Lists
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Top female baby names with links to her songs this page
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Top female names in songs The most common girls names in song titles or lyrics this page

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Featured Song Review *

(reprise) My Irish Molly O, and variations, was a popular 19th century Irish folk song. It was written around 1830 and an arrangement by Louis Berge was published in New York in 1865. Then in 1905, a new song with almost the same name was written by the very popular and successful song writing duo, Wm Jerome (Flannery) and Jean Schwartz.

This American “Irish” song became very popular and it is this song, My Irish Molly O (or Molly-O, or Molly ‘O) that is most well-known today. Performances by The Flanagan Brothers and by Blanche Ring helped make it popular. The song has been covered by numerous others since then, like the Irish band, De Dannan, with Maura O’Connell as well as by Daniel O’Donnell, John McNicholl, and Celtic Thunder. It is an upbeat fun song and a great "Irish pub" sing-a-long song!

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Songs for Top Female Baby Names

Summary of names for baby girls
born in USA in years 2000-2009

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Rank Girl's Name
Rank Girl's Name
1 Emily 26 Mia
2 Madison 27 Hailey
3 Emma 28 Sydney
4 Olivia 29 Jasmine
5 Hannah 30 Julia
6 Abigail 31 Morgan
7 Isabella 32 Destiny
8 Samantha 33 Rachel
9 Elizabeth 34 Ella
10 Ashley 35 Kaitlyn
11 Alexis 36 Megan
12 Sarah 37 Katherine
13 Sophia 38 Savannah
14 Alyssa 39 Jennifer
15 Grace 40 Alexandra
16 Ava 41 Allison
17 Taylor 42 Haley
18 Brianna 43 Maria
19 Lauren 44 Kaylee
20 Chloe 45 Lily
21 Natalie 46 Makayla
22 Kayla 47 Brooke
23 Jessica 48 Nicole
24 Anna 49 Mackenzie
25 Victoria 50 Addison
Source: US Social Security site

Top Girls Names in Songs
Most common female names in song titles or lyrics

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Rank Songs* Girls Name
1 46 Mary
2 22 Annie
3 22 Jane
4 22 Susan
5 21 Caroline
6 21 Sally
7 20 Rose
8 18 Jenny
9 18 Maria
10 17 Julie
11 16 Cindy
12 15 Judy
13 15 Lucy
14 14 Amy
15 14 Emily
16 14 Ruby
* List does not include compound or hyphenated names like "Mary Lou" or "Sally Ann" or "Bobby-Sue"

Top Love Songs with women's names in the title

Top 40 love songs with girls names in the title, or songs named after girls or with women's names in the title. This list only includes songs of love and affection for that special girl, wife, mother, sister, friend, lover or wannabe lover. Without regard to genre (Rock, R&B, Country, Punk, Rap, etc.) each of these songs became a chart topping hit; all but a few were top ten songs and many were number 1 hits! These love songs all have a woman's name in the title and it is a song about her; not about a place, animal, thing, road, car or boat. Song titles only have first names, no last names and none with multiple names. Here’s our list of the top 40 best love songs with a girl’s name in the title!

Girls Name Songs Blog
My thoughts and comments*

What is so special about girls name songs? Who writes songs with girls names and why? These are songs written about a friend, mother, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend or any girl or woman we care about. Someone cared enough about this girl to write a song about her. Focused on songs with women's names, we honor women in songs.

Is there anything more important than music written about a key person in our life; a person we admire, love, despise or cherish? Sure, some of these songs are just plain fun or silly, but usually they are written about real people and real strong feelings. Listen to Steve Perry singing Oh Sherrie.

I first became interested in this kind of song as a young teenager. I remember feeling the pain of unrequited love when Paul Anka sang about his yearning for Diana in 1957. And I remember the heart-break sadness of Ray Peterson in 1960 who sang Tell Laura I Love Her

And just like when we read a book, watch a movie, or listen to a story, these songs touch our hearts. We can easily relate to the words and feelings of the song; we feel the love. We smile, sigh, and cry right along with the singer.

I hope you enjoy this list of songs with girls names in the title or lyrics and please email me or post comments and suggestions for songs I missed or corrections to anything I post.

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