Girls Name Songs List of songs with girls names E thru J

Girls Name Songs List with over 2,300 songs with girls names in the best list of songs with female names in lyrics or titles. Songs with women's names alphabetical then by song title. Note: We participate in Amazon "Associates" and Apple "Affiliate" marketing programs; I earn from qualifying purchases so if you purchase anything after clicking one of our affiliate or associate links I may receive a commission. Thank you!

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Female Names List
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   Year / Author /
 Composer / Notes
Edie Edie (Ciao Baby) The Cult 1989, on Sonic Temple. About Edie Sedgwick, one of Andy Warhol's actresses, per interview with vocalist/lyricist Ian Astbury
Egypt Little Egypt The Coasters (later by Ray Stevens) 1958, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
Eileen Come On Eileen Dexys Midnight Runners 1982, Billy Adams/ Jimmy Paterson/ Kevin Rowland. UK. No.1, UK-No.1
Eileen Everybody Loves Eileen Steelheart 1979,?, on album Steelheart
Elaine Dear Elaine Roy Wood 1972, Dear Elaine by Roy Wood, Roy Wood Dear Elaine
Elaine Elaine The Glenwoods 1960, ? Early sixtys, by Frank A. Borelli
Elaine Elaine ABBA 1980, on the B side of the single with The Winner Takes It All
Elaine (and Dori) Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori Weezer 2016, by Rivers Cuomo, on The White Album
Elatia Sweet Elatia Shooting Star 1981, on album Hang On For Your Life
Eleanor Eleanor Put Your Boots On Franz Ferdinand 2005, Album You Could Have It So Much Better
Eleanor Eleanor Rigby The Beatles 1966, John Lennon/ Paul McCartney, on Revolver. UK
Eleanor Lady Eleanor Lindisfarne 1971, on album Nicely out of tune
Elenore Elenore The Turtles 1968, Howard Kaylan (Turtles lead singer). No.6, UK-No.7
Elenore Goodbye Elenore Toto 1981, from the album Turn Back
Elisa Still See Elisa James Barton, Ed Ames, Clint Eastwood and others 1951, Frederick Loewe/ Alan Jan Lerner, from the musical Paint Your Wagon
Elisabeth Goodnight Elisabeth Counting Crows 1996, Recovering the Satellites
Elise A Letter to Elise The Cure 1992, on album Wish, and again in 1997, on the album Galore
Eliza Eliza (Hue) Chris Bathgate 2011, on album Salt Year
Eliza Poor Eliza Chris Bathgate 2011, on album Salt Year
Elizabeth Elizabeth Frank Sinatra 1969, on Watertown. Written by Jake Holmes and Bob Gaudio
Elizabeth Elizabeth Team Sleep 2005, Team Sleep
Elizabeth Elizabeth The Statler Brothers 1983, Jimmy Fortune, on album The Statler Brothers Today. No.1
Elizabeth Elizabeth Ghost 2010, by Tobias Forge, on album, Opus Eponymous. Song is about Elizabeth Báthory.
Elizabeth Half In Love With Elizabeth Mystery Jets 2008, UK
Elizabeth In Memory of Elizabeth Reed Allman Brothers Band 1969, instrumental on Idlewild South. Written by Dickey Betts
Ella Beautiful Ella Addictive Behavior 2004, on Call It What You Will
Ella Ella Andre Moss instrumental
Ella Ella Elle L A Kate Ryan 2008, (French) on Free and the album Ella Elle L'a
Ella Little Ella Gregg Smith Singers 1853, by Stephen Foster
Ellen Ellen Coattails 2016, on Coattails
Ellen Ellen Taylor Swift and Zac Efron written by Taylor Swift and Ellen Degeneres. Taylor Swift and Zac Efron perform a duet singinging this song about Ellen Degeneres
Ellen Ellen's Song Johnny Logan 2007, on album The Irish Soul - The Irish Connection 2
Ellen Song for Ellen Joe Pass 1992 original acoustic guitar Joe Pass recording. Released in 1994 on album, Songs for Ellen. Joe Pass died in 1994 before the release.
Ellie Ellie My Love Ray Charles 1989,
Ellin Oh! Ellin GOB 2003, and on album, Foot In Mouth Desease
Eloise Dear Eloise The Hollies 1967, Allan Clarke, Tony Hicks, Graham Nash
Eloise Eloise Say Anything 2009, on Say Anything
Eloise Eloise The Damned 1986, on The Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Eloise Eloise Kay Thompson 1956, a novelty song about the book character "Eloise" by Kay Thomspson.
Eloise Eloise Barry Ryan 1968, Paul Ryan
Eloise Eloise, Don't Play Me For A Fool Big Maceo Merriweather 1963 on Big Maceo Vol.2 Big City Blues, release of a 1950's recording by this talented blues singer from Detroit
Eloise Miss Eloise, Miss Eloise John Lee Hooker 1997 release on the CD called John Lee Hooker Coast To Coast Blues Band / Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace
Eloise Walking In The Park with Eloise Paul McCartney and Wings 1993, on At The Speed of Sound
Elvira Elvira Oak Ridge Boys 1981, Dallas Frazier
Emilie Emilie The Charlatans 2014, on Modern Nature, UK
Emily A Rose For Emily The Zombies 1968,
Emily Emily Frank Sinatra 1964, by Johnny Mandel and Johnny Mercer. Theme for movie The Americanization of Emily
Emily Emily Elton John 1992, on The One. Written by Bernie Taupin. UK
Emily Emily San Fermin 2015, on Jackrabbit
Emily Emily Lower Than Atlantis 2014, on self-named album and written by frontman Mike Duce. UK
Emily Emily Mika 2012, recorded both English and French versions, released on Origin of Love
Emily Emily Bowling For Soup 1999, on Drunk Enough to Dance
Emily Emily From First To Last 2004, on Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Body Count
Emily Emily Ryan Kelly 2010 on In Time
Emily Emily (It's Love) Francesca Battistelli 2011, on Hundred More Years
Emily Emily, Sing Something Sweet Bright Eyes 1998 Conor Oberst, on album "A Collection of Songs Written and Recorded 1995 - 1997", released January 1998.
Emily For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her Simon and Garfunkel 1966, Paul Simon
Emily Oh, Emily Jukebox The Ghost 2012, on Safe Travels
Emily See Emily Play Pink Floyd 1967, Syd Barrett. Uk-No.6
Emma Emma Keith Harkin 2016, by Keith Harkin about a friend who died of cancer
Emma Emma J Brendan Benson 1996, on One Mississippi
Emma Emma's House The Field Mice 1988, UK#20
Emma For Emma Bon Iver 2007, on For Emma, Forever Ago, written by Justin Vernon (Bon Iver)
Emma Good Natured Emma The Amboy Dukes 1969, written by Ted Nugent (band member)
Emma, Emmaline Emma, Emmaline Hot Chocolate 1974, Errol Brown, Tony Wilson. Recorded in 1988 by the The Sisters Of Mercy. The song relates to Errol Brown's mother who died at age 38.
Emmaretta Emmaretta Deep Purple 1969, Lord, Blackmore, and Evans
Emmylou Emmylou First Aid Kit 2012, on album Emmylou
Emmylou For Emmylou George Baker Selection
Emmylou Sweet Emmylou Joey + Rory 2008, by R. L. Feek, Catherine Britt, on The Life Of A Song
Enid Enid Barenaked Ladies 1992, on album Gordon
Erene (Irene) Erene (Irene) Harry Belafonte George Petsilas
Erin Erin Erik Sitbon 2011, on Lost and Found
Erin Erin Eric Keyes 2011, on Mind on Fire
Erin Erin Shiny Glide (Antonello Venneri) 1997, on Songs from Venus. By Shiny Glide, originally Antonello Venneri
Erin Oh Erin Eric Slater 2007, on audio CD called Redemption & Disorder
Erin Waiting For Erin Dynamite Boy 2004, on Dynamite Boy
Estella Estella Ace Troubleshooter 2002, on The Madness of the Crowds
Estelle Estelle Dan Bern 1996,
Esther Esther Glass Lux 2014, on album Esther
Esther Esther (Ester) Lucius Banda 2007, from the album Cell 51 Maximum. Lucius Banda is from Malawi and is popularly known as "Soldier"
Esther For Esther George Baker Selection 1976 release on River Song. The song was written about his daughter who passed away as a baby.
Esther I Wanna See Esther Carl Lawrence 2004, on I Wanna See Esther/She's So Fine
Ethyl Ethyl Dan Morgan 2016, on Americana
Eujena Voice of Eujena Brother Crane 1995, writen by singer-composer guitar player, Damon Johnson. Writen about his mother. Released on album, Seeds.
Eva Eva Nightwish 2007, on album Dark Passion Play
Eva Eva Heaviside 2012, on Wasted Generation
Eva Mae Song for Eva Mae Frank Turner 2011, written for a friend's daughter, on album England Keep My Bones
Evaline My Evaline Weezer 2004, from the album called Weezer
Evangeline Evangeline Matthew Sweet 1991,on album, Girlfriend
Evangeline Evangeline Emmylou Harris 1981, on her album Duets
Eve Eve the Carpenters 1969, by Richard Carpenter and John Bettis, on album Ticket To Ride
Evelyn Evelyn Hannah Georgas 2016, on album For Evelyn (explicit)
Evelyn Evelyn Volbeat    X 2010, on album Beyond Hell / Above Heaven
Evelyn Evelyn Hurts 2010 released on album called Happiness
Evelyn Evelyn Abby 2010 released on album called Welcome Home
Evelyn Existing In A Crisis (Evelyn) Bayside 2005 release
Evie Evie Johnny Mathis Jimmy Webb
Evie Run Little Evie Johnny V Vernazza on Lions and Thieves
Fancy Fancy Bobbie Gentry, also Reba McEntire 1969, Bobbie Gentry
Fannie Hey Miss Fannie The Clovers 1952, doo-wap
Fannie Short Fat Fannie Larry Williams 1957, ... Larry's version charted at #2 in 1957. Also done by Ricky Coyne, unreleased, and by Billy Preston in 1965
Fannie Mae Fannie Mae Buster Brown 1960, Buster Brown
Fanny Fanlight Fanny Clinton Ford 1935, by George Formby, Harry Gifford and Frederick E. Cliffe
Fanny Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) Bee Gees 1975, Barry Gibb/ Maurice Gibb/ Robin Gibb
Fanny Jiving Sister Fanny Rolling Stones    X 1968, on Metamorphosis, by Mick Taylor in 1969
Fanny The Weight The Band 1968, composed by J.R. Robertson (Robbie Robertson) and sung by drummer Levon Helm
Fatima Fatima K'naan    X 2009, on K'naans album, Troubadour
Faye Faye Coone (feat. David Spekter) 2016, Coone, on Less Is More. Hardstyle music. Lyrics by David Arkwright, Koen Bauweraerts, Laurent Lavergne, about baby daughter.
Faye Faye Stetsasonic    X 1986, by Stetsasonic, on album On Fire. Hip hop.
Faye Ginger Faye Eddie from Ohio 1993, Eddie from Ohio on Actually Not. The song-story of the crocodile killing of Fay Ginger Meadows of Snowmass Village, CO.
Feleena El Paso Marty Robbins 1959, words and music by Marty Robins. He spells the name Feleena, not Felina.
Feleena Feleena Marty Robbins 1959, by Marty Robins. Feleena is the spelling Marty Robbins uses, not Felina or Falina
Felicia Felicia Nat King Cole 1967, album "The Beautiful Ballad"
Felicia Felicia Bobby and The Orbits 1958? Bobby Groccia and Maryjane his sister
Felicity Felicity Orange Juice 1982, Written by James Kirk, on album You Can't Hide Your Love Forever
Fiona For Fiona No Use for a Name 2005 from the album Keep Them Confused
Flora Lily of the West Bob Dylan 1973, copywrite 1970 by E.Davies and J.Peterson.
Florence Florence The Paragons 1957,
Francine Francine ZZ Top 1972, Kenny Cordray / Billy Gibbons / Steve Perron. ZZ Top's first hit single.
Frankie Frankie Bruce Springsteen 1998, Bruce Springsteen, on Tracks, Studio Outtake - 1982
Frankie Frankie And Johnny Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley, others Gottlieb and Karger and Weisman - 1963 arrangement ?
Freya Freya The Sword 2010, on Age of Winters
Freya Freya Kellianna 2007, on album I Walk With The Goddess
Gabriella Gabriella's Song Vera Marie, Magaliesberg Childrens Choir & Stefan Nilsson 2013, Vera Marie, Magaliesberg Childrens Choir & Stefan Nilsson
Gabrielle Gabrielle Ween    X 2005, on Shinola (Vol. 1)
Gail Gail The Legacy Brothers 2010, on The Legacy Brothers
Gail Gail Alice Cooper 1987, on album Raise Your Fist And Yell
Gail Gail's Song Chris Allen Curtis    X 2013, on Un Hombre. No Moderation
Gail Gail's Song Ed Wernersbach 2008, on Not Ready
Galadriel Galadriel Barclay James Harvest 1971, on Once Again. Inspired by J.R.R Tolkien's books
Gaye Gaye Clifford T. Ward 1966, on album Home Thougts From Abroad
Gayla Gayla Richard Harris 1968, on Yard Went On Forever
Gee Gee The Crows 1953, doo-wop classic
Geneva Little Geneva Muddy Waters 1949,
Genevieve Genevieve Sugarland by Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, on Love on the Inside
Genevieve Sweet Genevieve Bing Crosby 1869, Bing Crosby, Henry Tucker and others
Genevieve Sweet Lady Genevieve The Kinks 1973, Raymond Douglas Davies ?
Georgia Georgia Vance Joy 2014, on Dream Your Life Away
Georgia Georgia Boz Scaggs 1976, on album Silk Degrees
Georgia Georgia on My Mind Ray Charles 1960, Hoagy Carmichael/ Stuart Gorrell. Other artists include Michael Bolton, Willie Nelson, The Richeous Brothers.
Georgia Sweet Georgia Brown Freeman "Brother Bones" Davis 1925, written by Freeman Davis. Song recorded in 1949.
Georgy Georgy Girl The Seekers 1966, by Tom Springfield and Jim Dale. From Movie Georgy Girl. Nominaged for Best Original Song Oscar
Geraldine Geraldine Jack Scott 1958, Jack Scott
Geraldine Unrepentant Geraldines Tori Amos 2014, on Unrepentant Geraldines
Gert Gert's Skirt The Debonaires 1961, single 7" 45rpm, flip side of Every Once In A While
Gidget (Wait 'til You See) My Gidget Johnny Tillotson 1965, Howard Greenfield and Jack Keller. Theme for the ABC TV series, Gidget which ran from 1965 to April 1966, canceled after just one season.
Gidget Gidget The Four Preps, also by James Darren 1959, Patti Washington and Fred Karger, from the Movie and the TV series Gidget. The B side of Cinderella
Gigi Gigi Vic Damone 1958, Alan Jay Lerner/ Frederick Loewe. Oscar winner for best original song in 1958. Theme of the Best Picture musical by the same name.
Gina Gina Stray Cats 1989,
Gina Gina Michael Bolton 1987 album The Hunger
Gina Gina Johnny Mathis 1962, Paul Vance, Leon Carr. Dickey Lee, had a big hit with this song. No.6
Gina Gina In The Kings Road Al Stewart 2005, by Al Stewart, on album Gina in the Kings Road
Gina Gina, Gina Kid Creole and the Cocoanuts 1981, Gina, Gina, by Kid Creole and the Coconuts, on album Fresh Fruit in Foreign Places
Gina Livin' on a Prayer Bon Jovi 1986,
Ginger Ginger Bread Frankie Avalon 1958, Clint Ballard Jr / Hank Hunter
Ginnie Bell Ginnie Bell Paul Dino 1961, Paul Dino
Ginny Ginny The Duprees 1960, ? Written for the Duprees by Fred Weismantel for his dughter in the early 1960's
Ginny Ginny Come Lately Brian Hyland 1962, Gary Geld, Peter Udell
Ginny Ginny In The Mirror Del Shannon 1963, Del Shannon
Gladys Gladys Lionel Hampton 1964, instrumental, writen for his wife, Gladys, by Lionel Hampton
Gladys Gladys & Vernon Bap Kennedy 2008, by Bap Kennedy, on album Lonely Street
Gloria Gloria The Doors    X 1964, Van Morrison, 1983 version by The Doors with more graphic lyrics
Gloria Gloria Patti Smith 1975, on her Horses album
Gloria Gloria U2 1981, on October album
Gloria Gloria Them 1964, Van Morrison and his Northern Irish band, Them.
Gloria Gloria The Mills Brothers, (also The Cadillacs and others) 1948, recording. Also recorded by The Passions in 1960, then the Cadillacs, and many others
Gloria Gloria The Manhattan Transfer 1975, the same song as the Mills Brothers but newer unique version
Gloria Gloria The Intruders another doo-wop 50's era song for Gloria
Gloria Gloria Laura Branigan 1982, Giancario Bigazzi, Umberto Tozzi, Trevor Veitch. No.2
Gloria Gloria Arthur Lee Maye and The Crowns 1956, Unique version. Arthur Lee Maye (aka Lee Maye) played Hall of Famer Hank Aaron and sang with rock and roll Hall of Famer Jerry Butler
Gloria Gloria's Eyes Bruce Springsteen 1992, Bruce Springsteen, on Human Touch
Gloria Oh Gloria Freddy Cannon 1960-ish, Frank Slay and Bob Crewe
Godiva Hey, Lady Godiva Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show 1971,
Godiva Lady Godiva Peter & Gordon 1966,
Grace Grace George Donaldson, also Jim McCann and The Dubliners 1985, by Frank and Sean O'Meara. The song is about Joseph Plunket and Grace Gifford who married hours before Joseph was executed for his part in the 1916 uprising in Dublin. Jim McCann recorded it with The Dubliners and George Donaldson released it on The White Rose, 2011
Grace Grace Supergrass 2002, on Life On Other Planets
Grace Grace, Too The Tragically Hip    X 1994, on Day For Night album
Grace Miss Grace The Tymes 1974, ..
Gracie Gracie Ben Folds    X 2005,
Grizelda Grizelda Vegas in Furs 2013, on End of a Stick
Grizelda Grizelda Yeasayer 2010, on Odd Blood
Grizelda Your Auntie Grizelda The Monkees 1967.
Guenevere Guenevere Ensemble - from the Musical, Camelot 1960, Alan J. Lerner and Frederick Loewe - from the Musical, Camelot
Guinevere Guinevere Donovan 1966 from his album Sunshine Superman
Guinevere Sweet Guinevere Gordon Lightfoot 1978, on Endless Wire
Guinnevere Guinnevere Crosby, Stills, and Nash 1969,
Gypsy Rose Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose Tony Orlando and Dawn 1973, L. Russell Brown, Irwin Levine
Hailey Bye Bye Hailey [Explicit] Tony Luv    X 2012, single
Hailey For Hailey Chad Fadely 2012, on Amity Road
Hailey Hailey The Shamrock 2010, on Shamrock
Hailey Hailey The Color 2012, The Color
Hailey Hailey Lydia 2011, on Paint It Golden
Hailey Hailey Goodnight Bryan Dunn 2009, on Vicious Waltz
Hailie Hailie's Song Eminem    X 2002, Adult crude lyrics. Song written about his love for his daughter, Hailie, and his issues with her mother, his ex.
Haley Ballad Of Jack And Haley Ike Reilly 2009, on Hard Luck Stories
Haley Blazing Haley Blazing Haley 2007, on Sleeper
Haley Haley Hit 2008, single
Haligh Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh Bright Eyes 2000, on Fevers And Mirrors
Hana Soft-Hearted Hana George Harrison 1979, George Harrison
Hanna Hanna Nothin' but Trouble 2009, on One Trouble After Another
Hannah Dear Hannah Metro Station    X 2007,
Hannah Go Down Old Hannah Leadbelly; also by Harry Belafonte Lee Hayes-Louise Dobbs
Hannah Hannah Ray LaMontagne 2004,
Hannah Hard Hearted Hannah Ella Fitzgerald 1895, Bert Williams and George Walker
Hannah Hardhearted Hannah Ray Charles 1960, Milton Ager/ Chas Bates/ Bob Bigelow/ Jack Yellen
Hannah Jane Hannah Jane Hootie and The Blowfish 1994, by Darius, Bryan, Felber, and Sonefield, on Cracked Rear View
Harmony Harmony Elton John 1973, on Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Harper Harper Driftwood Bones 2013, on Driftwood Bones
Harper Harper is a Smokin' Hot Babe The Smokin' Hot Babe Lovers 2011, on Songs About Smoking Hot Babes
Hattie The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll Bob Dylan 1963, written by Bob Dylan about a real event he read in the newspaper.
Havalina Havalina The Pixies 1990, on album Bossanova
Hayley Dream On Hayley James Morrison 2008, off the album Songs For You, Truths For Me, written for his sister
Hayley Goodbye Hayley The Playdates
Hayley Hayley Don't Say Goobye Zoe Konez 2012, on album Hayley Don't Say Goodbye
Hazel Hazel from TV series Howard Greenfield and Jack Keller, from TV series Hazel
Hazel Hazel Ronny Dawson .. - rockabilly late 1950's on Swan Records
Hazel Hazel Bob Dylan 1974, on album Planet Waves
Hazel Hi Hi Hazel The Troggs, also Gary and The Hornets 1966 ?
Hazel Hooray For Hazel Tommy Roe 1966,
Heather Heather Conan Gray 2020, by Conan Gray
Heather Heather The Carpenters 1973, instrumental released on album Now & Then
Heather Heather Heavens 2006, on Patent Pending
Heather Heather The Cuff Links (Ron Dante) 1969, Lee Pockriss/Paul Vance. Ron Dante's voice (of The Archies and The Detergents)
Heather Heather Honey Tommy Roe 1969, went to number 29 on the charts
Helen Helen Nine Below Zero 1981, released in the UK on a 7" vinyl record
Helen Helen Wheels Paul McCartney and Wings 1973, Paul McCartney, on Wingspan
Helen Hey, Hey Helen ABBA 1975, on album ABBA and on Chronicles
Helena Helena My Chemical Romance    X 2004, Gerard Way
Helena Helena The Misfits 1999, on album Famous Monsters
Henrietta Henrietta The Fratellis 2006, on Costello Music
Hermione Letter To Hermione David Bowie 1969, on Space Oddity
Holly Goodbye Holly The Left Banke 1968 by the reunited group, on album called Too, written by Tom Feher
Holly Holly (Would You Turn Me On?) All Time Low    X 2007, on So Wrong, It's Right
Holly Holly Holy Neil Diamond 1969, Neil Diamond
Hollyann Hollyann Boston 1986, by Tom Scholz, on album Third Stage
Holyanna Holyanna Toto 1984, David Paich, Jeff Porcaro
Honey Honey Bobby Goldsboro 1968, Bobby Russell
Honey Honey Come Back Glen Campbell 1970, Jimmy Webb
Honeycomb Honeycomb Jimmie Rodgers 1950's
Ida Ida! Sweet as Apple Cider Red Nichols, Bing Crosby, many others 1927, Red Nichols, t, Leo McConville, Mannie Klein, Miff Mole, Pee Wee Russell, Fud Livingston, Adrian Rollini, Lennie Hayton, Dick
Ida Sexy Ida Part 2 Ike and Tina Turner 1974, ..
Ida Jane Ida Jane Fats Domino 1962, Dave Bartholomew/ Fats Domino
Iesha Iesha Another Bad Creation 1990, by Dallas Austin, Michael Bivins. R&B No.6
Imogen Imogen Redtrack 2010, on Perfectly Fine Intellectual / Imogen
Irene Goodnight Irene The Weavers, Billy Williams, and others 1955, Huddie Ledbetter (Leadbelly) 1959 - also performed Jerry Reed / The Hully Girlies 1962
Irene Irene Caribou 2007, on album, Andorra
Irene Irene Rockin' Dave Allen (David Allen Stich) 1964, written by J. Miller and B. Jolivet
Irene Irene Irene and cast in the Musical show Irene 1919, Joseph McCarthy and Harry Tierney from the musical stage show Irene
Iris Iris Goo Goo Dolls 1998, by Johnny Rzeznik for the movie City Of Angels. Later released on album Dizzy Up The Girl
Iris Iris (Hold Me Close) U2 2014, on Songs Of Innocence
Irma My Friend Irma movie soundtrack 1949, written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans for the 1949 movie, My Friend Irma
Isabel Isabel Frank Turner    X 2009, Frank Turner, written for his girlfriend, on album Poetry of the Dead
Isabel Isabel The Wombats 2015, by Matthew Murphy, UK rock band, The Wombats, on album Glitterbug
Isabel Mississippi Isabel King Charles 2011,
Isabel Sweet Isabel Enrique Iglesias 2007, on Insomniac
Isabella Isabella Sauti Sol 2015, off album Live and Die in Afrika
Isabella Isabella Cosmicity    X 1997 on album A Different Drum
Isabella Isabella's Eyes Kenny Loggins 1988 release on album Back to Avalon
Isabella Sleep Isabella Abney Park 2008, released on album Lost Horizons
Isabelle Isabelle Rafe Keys 2021, Rafe Keys
Isabelle Sweet Isabelle The Consolers 2013, on album That Never Happened
Isabelle Sweet Isabelle The Heights 2014, on Toys and Kings
Isadora Isadora Wilhelmina 2015, from album Flight
Isadore Isadore Incubus    X 2011, on album If Not Now, When?
Isla Isla Mike Pinera 1978, on album Isla
Isla Isla Gerald Meanest 2015, on Itzamna's Ibiza 2015
Isobel Isobel Björk 1995, Björk, Nellee Hooper, Marius De Vries, Sigurjón Birgir Sigurdsson (aka Sjón)
Ivy For The Love of Ivy Mamas and Papas 1966, John Phillips/ Denny Doherty, on album Papas and Mamas
Ivy Ivy: Ivy Dick Haymes 1947, Movie title song
Izabella Izabella Jimi Hendrix 1970, on The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Jackie Heavy Rotation Plain White T's 2015, on American Nights
Jackie Jackie Blue Zone U.K. 1988, Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg
Jackie Jackie Crane Hooverphonic 2000,on The Magnificent Tree
Jackie Jackie Wants a Black Eye Dr. Dog 2010, Shame Shame
Jackie Jackie's Strength Tori Amos 1998, Tori Amos
Jackie Little Jackie Wants To Be A Star Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam 1985, by Full Force. No.29
Jackie Nightshift Commodores 1985, Franne Golde, Dennis Lambert, Walter Orange
Jackie Blue Jackie Blue Ozark Mountain Daredevils 1973, Steve Cash, Larry Lee
Jacqueline Jacqueline The Coral 2007, Roots & Echoes
Jacqueline Jacqueline Franz Ferdinand
Jaiden Jaiden Empblem3 2013, on Nothing To Loose
Jainie Song for Jainie Tim Buckley 1966 release
Jamelia Jamelia Caribou 2010, on album, Swim
Jamie Dear Jamie...Sincerely Me Hellogoodbye 2004, on album Hellogoodbye
Jamie Jamie Weezer 1994, from the album called Weezer
Jamie Jamie Ray Parker, Jr. 1984,
Jamie Jamie Eddie Holland 1962, Stevenson, Barrett, Strong
Jamie Jamie All Over Mayday Parade 2007, by Kid Named Chicago, released on A Lesson in Romantics
Jamie Jamie's Cryin' Van Halen 1978, Michael Anthony / David Lee Roth / Alex Van Halen / Eddie Van Halen
Jane Baby Jane Rod Stewart 1983,
Jane Calamity Jane Becky Buller 2017,
Jane Citizen Jane Bernie Taupin 1987, by Bernie Taupin, and Martin Page, on Tribe
Jane Cousin Jane The Troggs
Jane Diary of Jane Breaking Benjamin    X 2006, by Ben Burnley, Billy Corgan, on Phobia. No.2
Jane Hazey Jane I Nick Drake 1970, on albums Bryter Layter and A Treasury
Jane Hazey Jane II Nick Drake 1970, on albums Bryter Layter and A Treasury
Jane Jane Jefferson Starship 1979, Craig Chaquico, David Freiberg, Paul Kantner, Jim McPherson
Jane Jane George Baker Selection
Jane Jane Ben Folds Five 1999,
Jane Jane Barenaked Ladies 1994,
Jane Jane Says Jane's Addiction    X 1988, by Eric Avery, Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins. No.6
Jane Jane, Jane, Jane Kingston Trio 1958, on album Got To Travel On
Jane Jane's Getting Serious Jon Astley 1987, Jon Astley, on album Everyone Loves The Pilot (Except the Crew)
Jane Lady Jane Rolling Stones 1966, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, on Aftermath
Jane Lady Jane Queensrÿche 1994,
Jane My Blue-Eyed Jane Jimmie Rodgers 1930, written by Jimmie Rodgers. Covered by Hank Snow, Bob Dylan and others
Jane Queen Jane Approximately Bob Dylan 1965, on Highway 61 Revisited
Jane Rainy Jane Davy Jones 1971, by Davy Jones
Jane Reflections after Jane The Clientele 2000, on Suburban Light
Jane Sweet Jane Cowboy Junkies 1988, written by Lou Reed (alt. version). No.5
Jane Sweet Jane The Velvet Underground (Lou Reed) 1969, written by Lou Reed. On 1970 album, Loaded.
Janelle Janelle Cold Chisel 1984, on album Twentieth Century
Janet Dammit Janet Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon 1975, from Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack
Janet Janet Duke Ellington 1989, instrumental
Janet Janet Jimmy Holiday 1963, Doo-Wop
Janet Janet Commodores 1985, Bobby Caldwell, Paul Fox, Franne Golde. On Nightshift
Janey Janey Don't You Lose Heart Bruce Springsteen 1985, Bruce Springsteen
Janey Spirit in the Night Bruce Springsteen 1973, on album Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.
Janice Janice's Party Fountains of Wayne 2005, Chris Collingwood
Janie Against The Wind Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band 1980,
Janie Down In the Alley Elvis Presley 1966, words and music by Jesse Stone and the Clovers
Janie Everybody Stopped Laughing at Janie Linda Scott early 1960s
Janie Janie Dick Haymes
Janie Janie Jones The Clash 1977, The Clash
Janie Janie Please Believe Me Johnny Crawford 1963 written by A. Harvey and R. Drayer, released on album Rumours
Janie Janie's Face Bobby Swanson
Janie Janie's Got A Gun Aerosmith 1989, Tom Hamilton / Steven Tyler. No.2
Janie Song For Janie Tim Buckley 1996, on self-named album
Janine Janine Soul Coughing    X 1994, Ruby Vroom
Janine Janine Velocity 1997, on their first album Impact
Janine Janine Lee Kernaghan 1995, Lee Kernaghan, on album 1959
Janine Janine Kingdom Come 1995, on album Twilight Cruiser
Janine Janine Kim Wilde 1984,
Janine Janine David Bowie 1969, written and sung by David Bowie and released on album Space Oddity
Janine Janine Arthur Russell 2004,
Janine My Sweet Janine Stoddy
Janine Sweet Janine David LaFleur
Janine Sweet Janine The Mint Chicks 2009,
Janine Sweet Janine Cory Branan 2006,
Janis Janis Will Rock The Rock-A-Teens 1960,
January A Girl Named January Laughingstock 1996, on album Clown
January A Girl Named January Micah Schnabel 2016, on When The Stage Lights Go Dim
January January Pilot 1975, by David Paton of the Scottish rock band Pilot. On album Second Flight. UK #1 for 3 weeks in 1975.
Jasey Rae Jasey Rae All Time Low 2006,
Jasmin Hey Jasmin Flo Rida    X 2012, ?
Jasmin Jasmin Rude. -or RŮDE 2017, on new wave music album Eternal Youth
Jasmin Jasmin Youth Asylum 2000 released as a single
Jasmine Jasmine (Spanish version) Grupo Rush (Spanish version) 2008, on album Winter 2008. Also released on albums We On Fire and Bachatahits 2009
Jasmine Jasmine (English version) Grupo Rush (English version) 2008, on album Winter 2008. Also released on albums We On Fire and Bachatahits 2009
Jayne The Ballad of Jayne L.A. Guns 1989, M.Cripps, T.Guns, P.Lewis, K.Nickels, S.Riley. No.25
Jean Blue Jean David Bowie 1984,
Jean Dance Little Jean Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 1983, Jimmy Ibbotson
Jean Daydream Believer The Monkees 1965, John Stewart
Jean Jean Oliver 1969, Rod McKuen - From the 1969 movie "The Pride of Miss Jean Brodie"
Jean Jean, Jean, Jeannie Adriano Batolba Orchestra 2016, on Thirteen Renegrades
Jean Lean Jean Bill Haley and His Comets 1958, Catherine Cafra, Milt Gabler, Bill Haley, Rusty Keefer. The popular German group, The Rattles, also recorded this song in the mid-1960 era
Jean My Jean James Barbagallo from the album MacDowell: Songs
Jean Oh Jean The Proclaimers 1988, Charlie Reid and Craig Reid. On the Sunshine On Leith album
Jean Selfish Jean Travis, also Railroad Bill 2005 by Fran Healy, released 2007 on album The Boy With No Name
Jean Taper Jean Girl Kings Of Leon    X 2004, on Aha Shake Heartbreak
Jean and Dinah Jean And Dinah Mighty Sparrow 1994, Reggae style
Jeane Jeane The Smiths 1983, by Morrissey (Steven Patrick Morrissey)
Jeanette Jeanette The English Beat 1982, on Special Beat Service
Jeanie I Dream Of Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair many originally a poem by that name by Stephen Foster (1826 - 1864)
Jeannie I Dream of Jeannie - theme from TV series Hugo Montenegro and his Orchestra 1965, Hugo Montenegro and Buddy Kaye, from the TV series "I Dream of Jeannie"
Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie Eddie Cochran (later by the Stray Cats) 1959, Later done by the Stray Cats in 1983
Jeannie Jeannie Needs A Shooter Warren Zevon 1980,
Jeannie Jeannie's Afraid of the Dark Dolly Parton 1968, written by Dolly Parton
Jeannie Little Jeannie Elton John 1970, Elton John / Gary Osborne
Jeanny Jeanny Falco    X 1985, most of the lyrics are in German, but Falco sings the chorus in English.
Jemima Mean, Mean Jemima Badfinger 1971, from Straight Up
Jen Jen Doesn't Like Me Any More Less Than Jake    X 1995, Crude lyrics. From album Pezcore also on Losing Streak
Jenni Jenni's Song Matthew Good Band 1999, on album, Beautiful Midnight
Jennie Lee Jennie Lee Jan and Arnie, also Billy Ward and His Dominoes 1958, Jan Berry, Arnie Ginsburg (Ginsberg?). About an exotic dancer named Jenny Lee, born Virginia Lee Hicks.
Jennifer 27 Jennifers Mike Doughty 2004, by Mike Doughty
Jennifer For Jennifer George Baker Selection
Jennifer Jennifer Little Comets 2012, by Little Comets, on album Jennifer and Other Short Stories (UK)
Jennifer Jennifer Bobby Sherman 1969, lyrics by Peter Allen, Carole Bayer Sager
Jennifer Jennifer Bert Sommer 1969, ? on Ultra Violet's Hot Parts (The Soundtrack Album)
Jennifer Jennifer Axe 1981, from the album, Offering
Jennifer Jennifer Eccles The Hollies 1964,
Jennifer Jennifer Juniper Donovan 1968, on Sunshine Superman. Uk-No.5
Jennifer Jennifer Tomkins Street People 1995, sung by Rupert Holmes. No.35
Jennifer Jennifer's Cold Buck-O-Nine 1997, on Twenty-Eight Teeth
Jenny 867-5309/Jenny Tommy Tutone 1981, Alexander Hughes; Keller, James Irwin
Jenny Cotton Jenny Gordon Lightfoot, also by Anne Murray 1971, lyrics by Gordon Lightfoot
Jenny Hey Jenny Come Down to Jock Peter Janson 2013, on album A Long Road: Tunes from Celtic Lands
Jenny Jenny Stellastarr 1990, on Stellastarr
Jenny Jenny Flight of the Conchords
Jenny Jenny Nothing More 2014, on album Nothing More
Jenny Jenny Walk The Moon 2012, by Nicholas Petricca , on album Walk The Moon
Jenny Jenny George Baker Selection
Jenny Jenny Again Tunng 2006,
Jenny Jenny Come Down The Troggs
Jenny Jenny From The Block Jennifer Lopez 2002, by Jennifer Lopez, … No.3
Jenny Jenny Gotta Dance Bay City Rollers 1974, on album Rollin'
Jenny Jenny Jenny Little Richard 1957, Enotris Johnson/ Little Richard Penniman
Jenny Jenny Take A Ride Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels 1965, ..
Jenny Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine The Killers 2004, on Hot Fuss
Jenny Jenny's Chickens Tom Dahill 2009, on album The Blackthorn Stick
Jenny Low-Dive Jenny Andi Almqvist 2007, on Red Room Stories
Jenny Poor Jenny The Everly Brothers 1960, Felice Bryant and Boudleaux Bryant
Jeri Jeri's Song Silent Fields 2008,
Jeri Jeri's Song Frightwig 1993,
Jeri Jeri's Song Everette Harp and Jeffrey Osborne 1994 release on album Jeri's Song, and on Common Ground
Jesamine Jesamine Squire 2007,
Jesamine Jesamine The Casuals 1968, written by Marty Wilde
Jesse Whispering Jesse John Denver 1988, by John Denver. Inspired by a dream. He named his daughter Jesse after writing the song.
Jessica Jessica Seals and Crofts 1973, music and lyrics by Seals and Crofts, released as a single 45, but first on LP album Diamond Girl
Jessica Jessica Rick Springfield 1976 and 1982 release on album Wait For Night
Jessica Jessica Elliot Minor 2007, Elliot Minor's second single. The band wrote song from their affection for Jessica Alba. Once called "Walk With Me". Uk-No.19
Jessica Jessica Allman Brothers Band 1969, instrumental written by Dickey Betts and Les Dudek. Named for Dickey's daughter and released on album Brothers And Sisters. No.29
Jessica The Jessica Numbers The New Pornographers 2005, writen by Newman, John Collins, on Twin Cinema
Jessie Dear Jessie Madonna 1989, on Like A Prayer
Jessie Jessie Joshua Kadison 1993, ... No.11
Jessie Jessie, the Yodelin' Cowgirl Riders In The Sky 1999, from movie Toy Story 2. Sung by Sarah McLachlan and Mary Kay Bergman.
Jessie Simply Jessie Rex Smith 1979,
Jessie That's Just Jessie Kevin Denney 2001, by Kevin Denney, P.J.Matthews, K.K.Phillips. No.16
Jet Jet Paul McCartney and Wings 1968, Linda McCartney / Paul McCartney
Jezebel Jezebel Andi Almqvist 2011, on The Misadventures of Andi Almqvist
Jezebel Jezebel Iron and Wine 2005, on Woman King
Jezebel Jezebel Frankie Laine 1951,
Jezebel Jezebel Dizzee Rascal    X 2003, on Boy in Da Corner
Jill Dear Jill Blodwyn Pig 1969, on album Ahead Rings Out
Jill Everybody Loves Jill Cowboy Mouth 1995,
Jill Jill of All Trades Maggie and Terre Roche 1975, on Seductive Reasoning
Jillian Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) Within Temptation 2004, written by Sharon den Adel and Robert Westerholt and Martijn Spierenburg. On album The Silent Force
Jinny Jinny Bingham's Ghost Frank Turner    X 2019, on album "No Man's Land” by Frank Turner, about Camden's legendary witch, Jinny Bingham
Jo Jo Jo Jo The Dells 1956, Doo Wop, the flip side of the original "Oh What A Nite"
Joan Dear Joan Jack Cardwell 1953, Jack Cardwell, flip side of You're Looking For Something, King Records on 7-inch single
Joan Dear Joan Tabitha's Secret    X 2001, written by Rob Thomas, Jay Stanley, John Goff, Brian Yale and Paul Doucette
Joan I Married Joan Richard Mack from TV series I Married Joan
Joan Joan Heather Dale 2008, on The Gabriel Hounds. Song about Joan of Arc
Joan My Joan The Flames, or Fabulous Flames 1958, writen by Bill Jacocks. This is the flip-side of the 45RPM of Josephine (they were sisters)
Joan When Big Joan Sets Up Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band 1999,
Joan (& Rose & Valerie) Maxwell's Silver Hammer The Beatles 1969, by Paul McCartney, on Abby Road. UK
Joan of Arc Joan of Arc Leonard Cohen 1967, from the album Songs Of Love And Hate
Joanie Joanie The Bay Bops
Joanie Joanie Roger And The Tourains 1961,
Joanie Joanie Frankie Calen 1961,
Joanie Pretty Little Joanie Marty Filler late 50's or very early 60's. ..
Joann Joann Dean Parrish 2015, on Northern Soul Survivor
Jo-Ann Jo-Ann The Playmates 1957, doowop
Joanna Joanna Scott Walker 1968, Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent, this was Scott's biggest UK hit
Joanna Joanna Little Comets 2011, on In Search Of Elusive Little Comets (UK)
Joanna Joanna Kool and The Gang 1975,
Joanna When Joanna Loved Me Tony Bennett (also Scott Walker) 1964, Jack Segal, Robert Wells
Jo-Anna Jo-Anna Ron Dante 1970, on LP called Ron Dante Brings You Up
Joanne Joanne Lady Gaga 2016, on album Joanne. By S.Germanotta and M.Ronson
Joanne Joanne Trade Martin, later by The Roomates original by Trade Martin, later cover by The Roomates
Joanne Joanne The Firebirds
Joanne Joanne Michael Nesmith and The First National Band 1970, Michael Nesmith, on Magnetic South and Loose Salute
Joannie Hello, This Is Joannie (The Answering Machine Song) Paul Evans 1979 UK hit on album Happy Go Lucky Me. The song is also called The Telephone Answering Machine Song
Jodie Jodie Rod Stewart 1968,
Jodie (Judy) Jody (aka Judy) Marty Robbins 1958, the title is Jodie, but the lyrics sung sounds like Judy
Jody Jody Jermaine Stewart 1986, on Frantic Romantic
Jody Jody Del Shannon 1961, Del Shannon
Joey Joey's Song Tyler Hayes 2015, by Tyler Hayes to honor Joey Martin Feek.
Johanna Anthony and Johanna sung by the character "Anthony" from the musical Sweeney Todd, written by Stephen Sondheim
Johanna Johanna Iggy Pop and James Williamson 1977, on album Kill City
Johanna Johanna (From "Sweeney Todd") Paul Gemignani; Victor Garber Stephen Sondheim, from the musical Sweeney Todd
Johanna (Joanna) Visions Of Johanna Bob Dylan 1966, Bob Dylan, released on album Blonde on Blonde
Jolene Jolene The White Stripes 2001, based on Dolly Parton's song, Jack White does it with a twist- his girlfriend.
Jolene Jolene Cake 1994, on album Motorcade of Generosity
Jolene Jolene Ray Lamontagne (also Zac Brown Band) 2004, released on album Trouble, his first album, and later released as a single in 2007.
Jolene Jolene Dolly Parton 1973, Dolly Parton
Jolie Jolie Girl Merle Travis; also Marty Robbins 1970, Ben Fowler
Joni Don't Cry Joni Conway Twitty 1976, His daughter was his inspiration for this song
Joni Hey Joni Sonic Youth 1988 album "Daydream Nation"
Josephina Josephina Gene Loves Jezebel 1992, Heavenly Bodies
Josephine Come Josephine, In My Flying Machine Rose and Jack sang it in movie, Titanic 1910, Lyrics by Alfred Bryan, music by Fred Fischer
Josephine Good Night Sweet Josephine The Yard Birds 1968, by Tony Hazzard, on Little Games, expanded album. Their last single.
Josephine Josephine Frank Turner 2015, on album Positive Songs for Negative People
Josephine Josephine The Flames, or Fabulous Flames 1958, writen by Bill Jacocks. This is the flip-side of the 45RPM of Joan (they were sisters)
Josephine Josephine If You Only Knew Dylan In The Movies 2009, on Sweet Rebel Thee
Josephine My Girl Josephine (Hello Josephine) Fats Domino, also Jerry Jaye 1960, Dave Bartholomew/ Fats Domino
Josephine Yes Tonight, Josephine Johnnie Ray 1956, … No.12, UK-No.1
Josie Josie Steely Dan 1977, by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen. On the Aja album. No.26
Josie Josie Donovan 1964, Try And Catch The Wind
Josie Josie Blink-182    X 1997, By Mark Hoppus?
Josie Josie and the Pussycats Josie and the Pussycats 1970, theme for 1970 TV Cartoon, written by Hoyt Curtin, William Hanna (under the pseudonym "Denby Williams") and Joseph Barbera (under the pseudonym "Joseph Roland")
Josie Josie's Tune Chris Rea 1991, Dancing With Strangers album
Joy Joy Harry Nilsson 1972, by Harry Nilsson
Joyce Ode to Joyce Half-Man Half-Biscuit 2008, on album CSI:Ambleside. Also mentions Maria, Diana, Sally, Carrie Anne, and Peggy Sue
Juanita Juanita Harold "Chuck" Willis 1956, soulful Chuck Willis, the "King of the Stroll"
Juanita Juanita Shania Twain 2010, on UP!
Juanita Juanita Paul McCartney
Juanita Juanita Banana The Peels 1966, ..
Juanita There Is A Mountain Donovan 1967, by Donovan. He sings "Oh Juanita" in the single release.
Judith Judith A Perfect Circle    X 2000, on album Mer De Noms (explicit lyrics)
Judy A Date With Judy Barry and The Tamerlanes
Judy Hey Judy E.S.N. TheRapDoctor    X 2019, E.S.N. TheRapDoctor
Judy Judy The Ray-Vons 1964,
Judy Judy Frankie Vaughn 1958, ..
Judy Judy Elvis Presley 1961 (Teddy Reddell ?)
Judy Judy Al Green 1972, on album Let's Stay Together
Judy Judy Don't Be Moody Bobby Darin 1958, by Wolf, Raleigh
Judy Judy In Disguise (With Glasses) John Fred and His Playboy Band 1967, John Fred
Judy Judy Judy Judy Johnny Tillotson 1959, ?..
Judy Judy Loves Me Johnny Crawford 1963 release
Judy Judy My Love Pepe and The Astros 1961,
Judy Judy's Turn To Cry Lesley Gore 1963, Edna Lewis and Ruby Ross
Judy Miss Judy's Farm Faces 1971, by Ron Wood, Rod Stewart. On A Nod Is As Good As A Wink…To A Blind Horse
Judy Suite: Judy Blue Eyes Crosby, Stills, and Nash 1969, Stephen Stills (performed at Woodstock
Judy (and Jackie) Judy Is A Punk Ramones 1976, on their debut album Ramones
Judy Mae Judy Mae Boomer Castleman 1975, Judy Mae, by Boomer Castleman
Julia Hey Julia Robert Palmer 1974,
Julia Julia Pavlov's Dog 1974, on album Pampered Menial
Julia Julia Eurythmics 1984, written by Annie Lennox and David Stewart for the album 1984 (For the Love of Big Brother).
Julia Julia Dave Clark 5 -Mike Smith 1970, lyrics by Dave Clark and Lenny Davidson. Sung by Mike Smith. "B" side of Five By Five.
Julia Julia Conway Twitty 1987, Don Cook, John Barlow Jarvis. No.2
Julia Julia The Beatles (John Lennon) 1968, John Lennon/ Paul McCartney. Lyrics by John Lennon about his mother who died when John was eighteen. UK UK-No.10
Julia Julia Chris Rea 1993, Chris Rey, from the album Expresso Logic
Julia Julia Says Wet Wet Wet 1995,
Juliana Juliana D.L.G. 1997, Spanish, on 10 de Coleccion
Juliana Juliana Cuco Valoy & Roberto Torres 2016, Spanish, on Grandes Soneros de la Epoca
Juliana Juliana Clement Brace 2014, on Juliana album - modern alternative music
Julie For Julie Macro Fiesta 2009, from album High, Healthy and Happy
Julie Hey Julie Fountains of Wayne 2003, on album Welcome Interstate Managers
Julie Hey Julie! Kyle, feat. Lil Yachty    X 2018,
Julie How Is Julie The Lettermen 1962,
Julie Julie Black Rose (Cher) 1980, by Bernie Taupin and Mike Chapman, sung by Cher as "Black Rose", on Black Rose
Julie Julie Take That 2008, by Take That and S.Robson, on The Circus. British pop band
Julie Julie Prism 1977, on their debut album Prism. Canadian
Julie Julie We Shot The Moon 2008, from the album Fear and Love (audio CD, 2008)
Julie Julie Merril Bainbridge 1996,
Julie Julie The Fiestas 1961,
Julie Julie, Do Ya Love Me Bobby Sherman 1970, lyrics by Tom Baher. Song was also recorded by The White Plains. No.5
Julie Oh Julie Shakin' Stevens 1978, UK-No.1
Julie Oh Julie The Crescendos, and also Barry Manilow 1957, Noel Ball, Kenneth Moffatt
Julie When Julie Comes Around The Cuff Links (Ron Dante) 1969, Lee Pockriss/ Paul Vance. Ron Dante's voice (of The Archies, The Cuff Links, and The Detergents)
Julie Who's Julie Joe Simon 1974, Wayne Carson, soulful version of the Mel Tillis song
Julie Who's Julie Mel Tillis 1968, Wayne Carson, classic country hit by Mel Tillis
Julie Ray It's Never Easy To Say Goodbye Wynonna, and also Kenny Chesney 1992, popular hit by Wynonna Judd.
Juliet Check Yes Juliet We The Kings 2007, Travis Clark, Sam Hollander, Dave Katz (likely)
Juliet Juliet Emilie Autumn 2002, on album Enchant
Juliet Juliet Robin Gibb 1983, on How Old Are You?
Juliet Juliet The Four Pennies 1963 hit single - Uk-No.1
Juliet Juliet Neil Diamond 1969, on Love Songs
Juliet Juliet Modern Talking 1988, on Modern Talking
Juliet Juliet LMNT 2001, single release. No.40
Juliet Romeo and Juliet Dire Straits 1980, by Mark Knopfler, on album Making Movies
June Anything 'bout June Unni Wilhelmsen 1997, by Unni Wilhelmsen, on album Definitely Me
June Bye June Smashing Pumpkins 1989, released in 1991 on album Lull
June Johnny and June Heidi Neufield 2008, by Heidi Neufield
Jura Jura (I Swear I Love You) Les Paul and Mary Ford 1961, Instrumental
Justine Hey Justine Rosewood Ghosts 2010, on album Rosewood Ghosts
Justine Hey Justine Eddie Hinton 1993, on album Very Blue Highway
Justine Justine The Righteous Brothers 1958, Don Harris and Dewey Terry. Sung by The Righteous Bros in 1965- No.85
Justine Justine Ray Sharpe 1961,
Multiple Names 88 Lines About 44 Women The Nails    X 1981, Names include Amaranda, Reno, Zilla, Xylla, Seattle, Nina, Rhonda, Pauline, Sarah, Rowena, Dee Dee, Eloise, Robin, etc
Multiple Names All My Ex's Live In Texas George Strait 1987, includes names Rosanna, Eileen, Allison, Dimples
Multiple Names Butter A Tribe Called Quest 1991, Written by Q-Tip, Phife Dawg & Ali Shaheed Muhammad, on Album The Low End Theory, names include Flo, Tonya, Tamika, Sharon, Karen, Tina, Stacy, Julie, Tracy
Multiple Names Dianalee Nerf Herder 2008, on album Nerf Herder IV, includes names Lulu, Analee, Jenny, Remmy, Kelly, Stephanie, Diana.
Multiple Names Freek-A-Leek Petey Pablo    X 2004, Multiple girls names. No.7
Multiple Names Holly, Carol, Candy & Joy JD McPherson 2018, by JD McPherson, on album Socks, a fun song about Holly, Carol, Candy & Joy
Multiple Names Mambo No. 5 (A little Bit Of) Lou Bega 1999, Zippy, Lou Bega, Perez Prado. Multiple girls names including Monica, Angela, Pamela, Rita, Erica, Rita, Tina, Sandra, Mary, Jessica
Multiple Names Porn Star Dancing My Darkest Days    X 2010, Names include Amanda, Brandy, Cassandra, Jessica, Kelly, Mandy, Miranda, Stacy
Multiple Names Song For Whoever Beautiful South 1989, by Paul Heaton and David Rotheray, on Welcome To The Beautiful South, names include Shirley, Deborah, Julie, Jane, Jennifer, Alison, Phillipa, Sue, Annabel, Cathy
Multiple Names That's Not My Name The Ting Tings 2008, on album We Started Nothing. written by Katie White and Jules De Martino. Names include Stacy, Jane, Mary, Jo, Lisa
Multiple Names The Name Game Shirley Ellis 1964, by Shirley Ellis and Lincoln Chase. Names include Shirley, Lincoln, and Marsha
Multiple Names The Wanderer Dion and The Belmonts 1961, by Ernie Maresca. Girl's names include Flo, Mary, Janie, and Rosie
Multiple Names What's Your Name Don and Juan 1962, lyrics by Claude Johnson (aka Juan). Names include Mary and Sue
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